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Camera Affairs... an Affair To Make Your Partner Happy!

High quality boudoir and glamour photography in the New York metropolitan area.

Welcome to Camera Affairs! Please contact me with your questions, inquiries or anything else related, that you wish to know.
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my portfolio

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Every session is unique, like You! I would love to know about your photography ideas. Please contact me for a custom quote if you do not find my packages the right fit.

"The Bare Minimum"

8 Professionally Retouched Pictures
Up to 2 Hours of Shooting Time
Private Online Gallery for 3 Month
Additional 2 Photos by Ordering a Large Size Print
Initial Consultation, Unlimited Outfit Changes, Help with Poses and Settings
Recommended Add-ons:
Large Size Prints

"The Calendar Girl"

16 Professionally Retouched Pictures
Up to 3 Hours of Shooting Time
Private Online Gallery for 3 Months
Additional 4 Photos by Ordering a Photo Album
Initial Consultation, Unlimited Outfit Changes, Help with Poses and Settings
Recommended Add-ons:
Large Size Prints, Calendar, Album

"You Deserve It"

32 Professionally Retouched Pictures
Up to 4 Hours of Shooting Time
Private Online Gallery for 3 Months
Additional 8 Photos by Ordering a Photo Album
Initial Consultation, Unlimited Outfit Changes, Help with Poses and Settings
Recommended Add-ons:
Large Size Prints, Calendar, Album

I offer great value!

  • Many images to pick your favorites.
  • High quality, expert photography and retouching.
  • No nonsense packages that provide: enough shooting time, a generous number of pictures and no limit on outfits.
  • Discounts available on additional, retouched photographs to supplement any package.
  • Wide variety of reasonably priced products: wall decor prints and photo albums in many sizes and finishes.

Please contact me for more details and a complete price list.


Hello! My name is George. I’m a photographer who started his own business in 2014. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), I’m skilled in many types of photography, but boudoir is my true specialty.
I think the most important question I have to address here is: “Why are you doing boudoir?” It is crucial to answer this because it leads to the next question: “Why should I choose you over others?” First of all I am a photographer. Not a pervert, not a voyeur or anything of that sort. Also, I’m happily married; my business is called “Camera Affairs” which does not mean anything like “affairs with a photographer”. When I was thinking about an ideal name for my specialty website the peculiarities of boudoir and glamour photography came to mind. In the variety of expressions on these types of photographs, there are many where the subject should look like she’s having an affair with the camera.
I also photograph many other types of portraits and events alike. You can view my general photography website here. I chose boudoir photography because I enjoy its intimate work, its precisely composed settings and poses. Photography has been my lifelong hobby and I have experimented with many categories of it. I soon realized that making portraits is my utmost favorite. I like to set and compose precisely what’s in the picture and I thrive to capture it in the most flattering way.
Though some people might consider my work as art and also, there are photographers who proclaim themselves as artists, I consider myself to be a professional craftsman. There is nothing wrong with art, but when it comes to portrait photography, skillful composition, precise camera settings as well as lighting and post processing (enhancement) are more important than having an artistic vision. Remember, artists have creative freedom of expression; art could be anything and anything could be called “art”. Translating this to portrait photography, one can never know what kind of photos one will end up with when hiring an artist. I like to be more predictable and to record the “real you”, that you might not even know exists until you see my photographs.



Some basic information to consider. Please contact me for further details; don’t hesitate to ask any question you might have!


Please plan ahead. I recommend booking at least 3-4 weeks in advance. If you need the photo shoot done sooner please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. After your initial inquiry you will receive all necessary information about the booking process, retainer, payment, delivery schedule etc.


My photo shoots take place on location. I can set up my mobile studio light system, with the most advantageous and flattering lights just about anywhere. The area does matter in this case as the place has to have sufficient room for some equipment and for me to move around. No worries! We will work it out! I can recommend hotels, we can have the photo shoot at your or at a friend’s home, or virtually anywhere; even outdoors. I’d be happy to discuss your ideas!


Prices are not shown on this website. Your decision to hire a professional should not revolve around cost but rather around the value you get. Do you really want to trust your boudoir photos to the lowest bidder? If you do then you are not at the right place. I truly believe that my prices are fair and provide a great value, but on the other hand they won’t break the bank. You will receive a complete price list after your initial inquiry. But to give you some idea; digital-only prices start at $295 and most customers spend about $600-$800 by ordering digital and printed products. Please note, if you came from my general photography website (not? Check it out!) those promotions are not applicable here.

Limitations and exclusions

You have to be at least 18 years of age for boudoir photography. I take only tasteful images, I do not shoot anything that’s even slightly related to pornography. Wardrobe choices vary from one photo shoot to another, and yes, completely nude, artistic photography is also available. I exclude couple boudoir, and sorry guys, no dudoir (male boudoir) either.

Boudoir vs. Glamour

While many people, sometimes even photographers use these terms interchangeably, they do mean different photographic styles. Briefly, boudoir is sensual, soft, seductive, elegant and often, romantic. There is no nudity or it’s only implied in these types of pictures. On the other hand, the glamour style is more bold, where women are portrayed in alluring and exciting ways. Glamour pictures mean to tease or flirt with the viewer. This is the style of men’s magazines, like Playboy. I can shoot in both styles, but clients mostly prefer boudoir photography.

Who’s present at the photo shoot?

In the most basic situations it is just the photographer and the client. However if it helps you feel more comfortable please invite a girlfriend. Better yet, we can do a photo session for both of you, with significant savings! I work with a very talented and wonderful hair stylist and makeup artist. I highly recommend her, as she will definitely help you look your best for the shoot. Her services are just recommended, not mandatory. You are welcome to bring your own hair stylist and makeup artist.


Your privacy is a top priority. These types of photographs are not meant to be public. Your digital images will be delivered via a password-protected online gallery. I will not post them on my website or any other place without your consent. Upon request, I will even erase all the files after delivery. Your contract will not include model release.


Idon’t know what to wear / what to bring. I have no idea how to pose. Will you help me??? Of course I will! Naturally, you will have many questions about your photo session. However you shouldn’t worry. After you select me as your photographer, I will guide you through the whole process. Your every concern will be addressed and I will do my best to make the whole experience the most pleasant for you.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any of your questions or inquiries. You will have an answer as soon as possible, generally within a day.

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Boudoir Variety

This is a rental location with lots of natural light should that be your criteria. You are encouraged to be creative when it comes to outfits, costumes and accessories to reflect your unique style, from high heel shoes to even boxing gloves.

Boudoir Variety

From country girl to seductress, the range is only limited by your imagination.

Warehouse Glamour

A glamorous warehouse? Yes it certainly is one! Such settings are perfect to juxtapose beauty and roughness to create exciting photographs.

Boudoir Variety

Boudoir shoot in a special Long Island City hotel. Its relatively spacious rooms, high ceilings and special interior make it ideal for photography. We were going for a variety in outfits, settings, and poses.

Bar Glamour Shoot

It is certainly not the regular boudoir setting. Not the usual bedroom, more bold and alluring poses. A perfect mix for a really sexy portfolio! Special thanks to KeyBar in New York City.

Boudoir Variety

How do you imagine yourself? From Snowhite to a leopard-print temptress, limited only by your imagination…

Boudoir Variety

Role playing and uniforms can show you in a totally different style. Add a little adventurous mix to your portfolio!

Boudoir Variety

We always aim for a variety in outfits, settings, and poses. What made it even more exciting? The time was just before Christmas and we had outfits and decorations prepared for some special holiday gifts.

Maternity Boudoir

Boudoir style maternity photography is a fabulous opportunity to document your pregnancy!

Minimal Boudoir

Boudoir photo shoot not in the usual bedroom setting. Minimalist design in a kitchen, that is focusing on the model.